to Christianshavns Beboerhus, a culture house in the heart of Copenhagen, situated in the charming neighbourhood of Christianshavn.

The café
In our cosy café, you can relax and have a nice cup of herbal tea for free. Here you may also read newspapers and magazines in the sofa, use the internet or enjoy an organic beer or a latte. Maybe you will try one of our delicious home made cakes from Caroline's kitchen, or her tasty café food. We also sell veggie-soups.

On the café walls, you will find art from various artists.
There is a new exhibition every month.
Twice a week there are concerts in the cafe with all kinds of different genres; indie rock, experimental, electronica, folk, jazz, blues...

Rehearsal rooms
If you need a cheap place to practice or rehearse, if you play music, sing, dance, make theatre or need to have a meeting within a group, it is possible to book a room via the staff in the bar.
10 kr. pr. person pr. hour for normal rehearsal.
15 kr. pr. person each time for education lessons.
Start fee: 10 kr.
Ghettoblaster: 10 kr.
Stereo system in the rooms: Salen, Nisten og Spisehuset can be rented for 20 kr. pr. hour.

There are several workshops in the house:
ceramics, silk screen printing and workshop for sewing and beer brewing.
To use the facilities you have to be a member of the workshops.
Membership fees are set at:
Half year: 150 kr.
One year: 300 kr.
-just talk to the staff at the bar.

The workshops will be open Monday to Wednesday from 1pm to 11pm and Thursday to Saturday from kl. 1pm - 12pm.

The Dining House
Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm - 8.30pm you can have a really nice homemade meal made by the chef of the house, Caroline.
You can order a meal ticket in the café, by calling the staff on
32578818, (ONLINE) or just ask at the bar. You will need to pick up the tickets on the day and pay before 6.30pm.
Adults: 65 kr.
Children (under 12 years): 35 kr.

The story of the house
Christianshavns Beboerhus was squatted by the people of the neighbourhood in 1975, because they wanted a place to meet up for cultural activities.

In 1976, the City council of Copenhagen agreed to buy the house, and people started an association for the users of the house, the "Beboerhusforening".
Through the years, the house has primarly been based on voluntary work.

Today, a paid staff group of 8 people, supported by a lot of volunteers, are running the house.

The house is ruled by consensus democracy and autonomy, by the users, the staff and the members of the house association.
It has its own economy, but is supported by the City of Copenhagen.

Christianshavns Beboerhus is for everyone, we try to keep the prices low, so every one can afford to use the facilities of the house.
The most important thing is to strengthen the grass roots spirit, the culture and the music.



MAN-ONS: 13-23
TORS-LØR: 13-24

TLF: 32 57 88 18